English Speakers, Welcome the our blog!

Thanks to some widgets we installed in this blog (the most visited in Brazil when people searches for Tokusatsu series) we now know that tokufans from other countries also "arrive" here in tokusatsus.blogspot.com

Well, from now on we want this post to be the official welcome for you that come from Thailand, Indonesia, Phillipines, United States, Japan, China, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia and many other countries. Just like us, you all likes japaneses series and when they are not released officially in our countries, we try at least to watch them in RAW version, downloading them from the web.

The stuff we post here is collected in the web. Episodes, entire series and what more we can find, we post here.
Most of our stuff is dubbed or subtitled in Portuguese (BR), but we also have a lot of raw episodes, uploaded by "Momotaros" and other super tokusatsu fans like him.

And thinking that the official language here is Portuguese and some of you will not understand, if you wanna chat, say hi or ask about some stuff, leave a message in this post.

We'll be very grateful to "meet" more fans in the world o/

Electrolux Guyferd

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